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Encontrar planes culo

encontrar planes culo

De onhandige interface en de onvermijdelijke bugs doen weinig af van het speelplezier.
As much as I like typical fantasy role-playing games, this one has so much more to offer.
Stir in hardcore RPG trimmings.
The game is a stunning work of art, full of creativity and originality.If nothing else, it should keep you busy until Baldur's Gate II is released!Read review 80 RPGamer (Oct 18, 2000) While many of the individual parts of this game are merely average, the whole comes together to create a wonderful experience.Whilst now cita sexo an old game, Planescape: Torment remains a cult classic.Planescape: Torment is easily the best RPG title to emerge since Baldur's Gate, and its plot surpasses that of most adventure titles.One month later, the company showed off BioWare's Baldur's Gate, an out of house project that many consider to be the best roleplaying game of all time.Read review 93 FiringSquad (Jan 25, 2000) The thought, effort and design that went into Torment must have been tremendous.To chyba dziwne, co teraz powiem, ale Planescape Torment posiada wartoci wychowawcze: uczy tolerancji i bezinteresownoci, jest doskona lekcj przyjani.Read review 69 PC Gamer Brasil (Nov, 2000) Um dos pontos mais decepcionantes está ligado à falta de diálogos falados no game, que pode gerar muito estresse ao jogador impaciente e, até afastar quem não está acostumado com o universo de.Czy ta gra ma jakie wady?S Gate, it enveloped the souls and minds of many gamers that played it, willingly or unwillingly, for months unend.
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Read review 90 GameSpy (Jan 22, 2000) Planescape: Torment delivers an engrossing tale of identity, mortality and discovery in a bizarre, fantastic setting.
They lie still, in uncaring death.I thought Baldur's Gate was brilliant, but this game is even better.Everything from the storyline to the music is just right.Die aber gewöhnungsbedürftig ist.90 Legendra (Sep 01, 2002) Planescape est plus qu'un jeu : c'est une immersion dans un univers qui respire le génie.Read review 89 rpgfan (Jan 05, 2000) Yet with a game as unique and entertaining as Torment, it doesn't matter that much.